Friday, July 17, 2009

In a far desolate office,
Sat one lonely officer,
Who was suddenly summoned one day by his seniors,
To get feedback on the new project they had proposed...

The officer reached the other office,
Having fans that moved too slow and needed air themselves,
Tubelights that flickered and fumed at having to work,
And chairs that creaked at the slightest stress..

The officer was summoned in front of other similar officers,
Who looked tired and bored,
Who looked like men already tired of life,
And like those who wondered with dread what the future had in store..

"Ah,sit down" said an officer to our protagonist,
And as our officer sat down and handed out the project feedback,
The other officers hardly glanced at it,
But one said "Tell,has the project been successful?"

Our officer took a deep breath,and managed to fake a smile,
"Of course,your wonderful ideas on saving environment,
Have been very much effective,
And the actions taken have indeed been a great accomplishment..

Schools,colleges and offices,
Have all been given pamphlets asking them to plant trees,
They have also been told to not to use plastics,
And they all are indeed listening

School-going children and college students,
Are all enthusiastically studying Environmental Science,
And I am also happy to tell you that they all clear the exams,
Though they always fail in other subjects otherwise....

After studying the subjects,and seeing those pamphlets,
The citizens -young and old,
Have all changed their mindsets,
And use only dustbins to throw those very pamphlets!

And so I conclude,sir,
That our project has been successful,
And I am sure that our claim to save our environment,
Would now be nearly truthful!"

The other officers exchanged happy glances,
And they all nodded their heads,
"Your report is precise and clear officer",said one of the officers,
"You may now leave"

As our officer walked out,he couldn't help but think,
"What the hell am I doing?Doesn't anyone have sense?
How are we going to do any job like this?
Where we are afraid to tell the truth and hide behind a cloak of pretence?

What would children gain,reading books on environment,
When actually they should see,
Farmers struggling for water and some improvement,
In their parched lands...

What would students do?Writing exams and forgetting everything,
When they should hear the cries,
Of the literally-drowning-in-water polar bears,
Since the heat is melting away the caps of ice.."

The officer shook his head,and went on his way,
Dejected and disappointed and frustrated,
If only he had stayed a little longer,he would have other officers say,
"What a waste! We are hiring such fools to do this job?"

"What does he think,can one do with books and pamphlets,
Or exams and quizzes and fashion shows?
When the heat is rising,and so are the prices,
Really,what are we doing to ourselves by hiring such fellows?"

A note by the poster...err I mean the blogger!:P
(The title and the post has no Kismat Konnection :P)
Hmm...I am back!! I got my results,I am an 8-pointer! Wow! And I passed in maths too!(Refer to "In God we trust,Grumble we must" post for knowing the reason for the maths-mentioning!

I don't really know what I wish to convey through this poem(poem?) of mine..But in case anybody's sentiments are hurt (including the Polar bear's) I am sorry for that...but seriously..I think just conducting huge shows on "Save the planet"-having mutliple lights and loads of sounds-;or any great quizzes or presentation contests or seminars won't really help.

We got to,ought to,should,must,etc etc do our bit for making our planet a lot cooler.(Yo man! :P)

And for this I don't want to join any clubs,but what I do want you to do is join your eyelids with your eyeballs(I mean close your eyes) and you like your place to be all metal and glass and artificial...or would you like it natural,green and cool?
(By the way,switching off lights when not in use and all such stuffs reduce your electricity bills!)

Have a cool weekend!:)


  1. IT not only happens to u!! it happens all those who beleive in god! it happend to me too..when i dont think i wont go out today i go, and when i dont think u are a xxxx frnd u are!!
    it happens naturally! so dont worry

  2. you posted your comments in the wrong post
    anyways thanx :)


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