Friday, July 3, 2009

Yipee...I am about to be a senior !!!

Finally...the day arrived when I could proudly (though not without wondering about any possible appearance of any arrears in the first year 2nd sem exams....heehee) write my name and beneath that mention that I am a student of EEE(Electrical and Electronics Engineering) of the 2nd year.

So how it felt to be a "senior"? Well actually,we would be officially seniors only when we get the juniors :P..But still,who cares???

But entering into our department (OUR department!) and facing our core subjects is a bit exciting and a bit scary at the same time. Scary because of the practicals and the subject names themselves (Like Electro-Magnetic Theory,Measurements and Instrumentation,and the best of all...Data Structures and its Analysis {or was it Applications?}).For now,I am feeling so grand and happy and anxious and scared that I do not know whether to laugh or to slap my head in tension...(HeeHee,I guess I'll always be a bit childish....still its good to be that way!)

It has been my dream that I do engineering.Because of a Maths teacher telling other students that "This girl would surely join Arts"(because I always used to fail in Maths in the lower classes in school and do well ONLY in languages!).And mostly because I always saw my father suddenly getting a phone call in the middle of the night saying "Theres a problem in this Control Valve and that Pressure Valve" and he used to rush to the rescue!

Yeah of course,on the other hand,Engineering is one of the most most most common thing that students opt for.I don't need to repeat cliches (Pronounced as Kleeshays,meaning a statement repeated again and again or something like a common saying---Aishu,this is for you) about WHY do people take up engineering.(or do I?)

It seems the Honourable government (Honourable indeed!) is thinking of introducing Medicine and Law in the IITs.That would be a good move I guess,considering the fact that half the population of India slogs to get into the IITs and take up ANY kind of now one half of THAT half may try to get into the medical or law courses of the IITs...which would imply that finally a lot more students MAY really want to take up Medicine or Law(?)
Lets see what happens.

I feel like a hypocrite right now.Seriously.I also had slogged(not really,not much,not enough) to get into the IITs but no I wasn't successful.And in the second attempt this year,I had got qualified for the Extended Merit List.But now that there isn't any hope for changing the college,I am again back to the pavillion of calling the ones slogging to get into the IITs as .... boring and uninteresting !!

Its like we are crushing our own ambitions and our own thoughts and what not just to get something materialistic...ain't it? Many people tell me that you haven't seen the real world,that you have always been protected,you don't know about the sacrifices one has to make to be able to survival etc etc etc..but stubborn and idiotic and adamant and ignorant that I might know what my reaction to those statements would be!(HeeHee)

OOPS!(I am not talking about Object Oriented Programming..thats for Computer Science & Engineering waale yaar!!)....See again! I have drifted off the topic again(Oh Anu,you are so considerate to stop the post here!!! Oh god I am so modest!!! hee hee)

Okay,while I go and figure out just what exactly are we supposed to do for deleting an element from a List(arrey...I am talking about an Array!!!) you figure out what you are going to do for making your lives interesting if you land in the wrong job!!!(OR are already in one.)


P.S:I am seriously not joking about this...but


  1. awesome thoughts..! u jus rock..!! but i nvr knew u tried for IIT..! don worry dude.. u have no chance of escapin from us..! so continue like this... n keep rockin

  2. thanx a lot...finally gt a comment from u! :P
    Yeah I can't escape from u....and I don't even want to :P

    Not until Aishu gets 400 bulbs(100 for each year!!!)

  3. nice one..:D... u think so general... about the problems faced and stuff!!!.... now u've become a senior... so u kno the problems!!!

  4. well written

    keep writing gal

    yupieee I m also seniour now :)

  5. yeah what a great feeling....
    you have so many priviledges as a senior...
    he he he
    juniors look up to you with respect....
    i completely agree with you...
    its a great feeling...
    i have graduted to senior citizen now with all of you young birds....

  6. hi senior citizen
    nice to meet u

  7. Well,
    I am one of those poor people who could not make into an IIT and the very idea of not getting into an IIT still pains me.You are right, if IIT's have medicine and law streams too then there would be more of them around reducing the burden on the current population of the professional!
    Good one!



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