Thursday, June 25, 2009

RULES....are meant to be understood correctly!

Note:This post is subject to anytime deletion(Not that it matters much)

My hostel warden looked up at me when I had shown her the application asking permission to go out.
I had stated that I had to go out for the "purpose of shopping".

She glared at me and said "Don't write that you need to go out for shopping! They'll(Security guys or the management guys or the Chief Warden) ask questions! Write that you need to buy books or something"

Though I didn't understand whats wrong for us to go out on a Sunday and that too between 11 am to 4 pm,I wrote a new application in which I stated that I had to go out since I have to get the photocopy of a book (?).She smiled and said "Enjoy your day!"

I never really go out much anyway...I am too lazy.I would rather be dozing or reading a book instead of going out.

But that day I had to go out with one of my roomies for buying a surprise cake for my other roomie.

And I couldn't help but wonder....wonder about the risk our warden was taking.She knew us too well and trusted us too much to know that we would not land into trouble. :P.

I also wondered about what the people who made these rules thought about us going out for some shopping? I don't say we aren't allowed,I would say it isn't approved.

But all the same I love my hostel.I also love breaking its rules.

Maybe these things happen in all other hostels too.I don't know.But I can't really be blaming them for the idiotic rules...If anything happens to any of the hostelites(God forbid) they are the ones who would face the music and people will think a hundred times before sending their children to our college.Its obvious.But still one hopes for miracles,one hopes that the management starts to think the way we do....:P

Well I am a very sincere student.I don't usually break rules,coz I see rules as challenges which don't let me live my life my way.So I say to the rule-makers..." you got another one ah? Let me see how this rule breaks me...I'll show you how rules are followed!!!"

So the end result is that no rules are broken by me.They are just bent,heated,molten and shaped to suit me(with a large help from reliable sources,of course!).So in this way,the rule makers are also happy...and I always...happy!

So I smiled back at my warden and said "Do you need anything ? We'll buy it for you.":)

P.S. Don't ask me to give an example of bending the rules.Unfortunately I suffer from short term memory I don't remember the examples.(HeeHee)

Have a nice week!

And....remember the rules so that you know how to break them!

P.S.: I have read took me 3 days full to complete it.And there are no words to describe this amazing book..its really really very good!


  1. hear hear!!!!
    but m glad that i dnt stay in a hostel...if you knew my col then yu wud have known its a jail..
    staying outside with frnz in chennai is much more we make our own rules...n yt still manage to break

  2. :)
    thanx a lot for ur comments
    btw,I liked ur poetry...watever that form was mentioned...something new!

  3. was try tooo
    wil be writing a fib poetry next :D
    kip kip writing


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