Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What Do You THINK?

Hey folks,I am thinking.Okay okay,stop grinning...I really can think!

What am I thinking? Well I am thinking a lot of things....like how much time will I take to finish the book Shantaram written by Gregory David Roberts(the book has got 933 pages),then I am thinking why is it that the food in expensive hotels is too bad compared to the food you get in dhabas or little highway restaurants,and I am thinking what would be Sania Mirza's next move after marriage(HeeHee)...and thats not all...I am thinking...oops...I am blabbering about myself...oh god...I am so modest!(HeeHee).

An acquintance of mine once told me "I never think.I never think of the future nor the past.I just live in the present".I know all of you approve.Sure.Its quite right for depressed souls to live in the present.But then,why has the Almighty given us a brain then? To get brain cancer? Or for using it at the right time in the wrong way?

I don't really mean to be rude but seriously,we are intelligent creatures (We?)...and we should think.Think of all the lovely things in life,think of the varied emotions human beings are capable of,think about our own capabilities so that we can stand on our own feet,think of improving other's lives,think of being an integral part of a system known as the society-in short,there is so much to think,good or bad or useless....but start to think!

Sometimes,people (including me) avoid thinking.Its like thinking drifts them off to another phase of their lives they might never really want to think about,or don't want to face,or have buried somewhere deep...Any loss,any bad incident,any guilt,any self-pity,any reproach might suddenly pop up from somewhere that might make us feel immense sadness which we are always afraid of.But,we have to face it.We aren't ostriches that we dig our faces into the sand when we see a danger coming,right? There is no procedure to face the despair....its just pulling yourself together when everyone else thinks you would surely go down.

What would thinking do to you? Well,it would certainly bring out your creative side.
What about negative thoughts? Well again,keep thinking them too....and all of a sudden you would feel..hey what the hell! I am bored of these stupid thoughts.... :D

What should you think? Well to begin with,you can think about what are you going to do with your life.(heehee)

All right,while you get confused with what to think and the purpose of my post,I'll resume my reading.(I have already read 320 pages till now!!!)

Stop dreaming.
Start thinking.

P.S:Today's Quote of the day says:
Blessed are the forgetful: for they get the better even of their blunders

Ain't it funny but true?(Huh?)



  1. NOTE:
    THE IDEA was good but ur way of expresing is too technical,instead of high standard tech english it should be applicable to all. so make it little EASY

  2. NOTE:
    THE IDEA was good but ur way of expresing is too technical,instead of high standard tech english it should be applicable to all. so make it little EASY

  3. thanx
    i'll keep that in mind :)

  4. what u is absolutely right.. i accept it.. as it struck me 2 once... and to be true... i just negelected it....

  5. i completely agree to disagree...
    i mean we need to relax sometimes...
    there are two kinds of people...
    some use to plan ahead...
    some just do as it comes in their way.
    i belong to second category...
    some people say i am lazy...
    yes i am...
    but whenever i planned something it didn`t workout like i planned..
    i am a spontaneous character...
    i live my life like this only....
    but i have never said planning ahead is wrong.....
    thinking is wrong....
    just that for me it didn`t work out

  6. lol...but actually i love dreaming...because what i dream, i move towards it...
    n about the way you write...its absolutely brilliant...honest opinions, honest writing. that's what i love about it...like the way i ramble in my other blog, Scribblings.

    my first visit here today...thanx fr passing by my blog...
    keep writing, kip dreaming



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