Monday, June 15, 2009

In GOD we TRUST,grumble we MUST!

I hate you.I seriously do.How can you do this to me? Today you have messed up my maths paper,and God knows...oops,I mean you would only know how many other exams of mine you are going to screw up! You know how much I practiced for maths! {Ah well,whatever I did was enough}.And made me forget all the formulas and methods and on top of it,you were blowing the silly wind that made my question paper and answer sheet float about in air! I know you are grinning at the mere sight of seeing me in trouble! Humph! You are bad,bad,bad!

OK,coming back to you people now...whoa....yikes! God has appeared in my room...and oh my god(?) he looks angry.

I am thinking to myself...OK so what? you may be God but I am also angry right now,and I won't give you much attention!

But you know what God is....adamant.So after keeping quiet for a few minutes he said "I heard you hurling abuses at me,so I came".{Ah,here you go.God also has the tendency to exaggerate!}

I was non-responsive and said "Ya,so?".Hmm,I guess my answer seemed to hit His face cleared and he looked at me and..surprisingly...started laughing!

"Oh you little are so silly. You get angry for such stupid reasons!

Last time you complained about the rain that you didn't want to appear.Other time you complained about going home where you did go and had fun...then you complained about having to come back to college. Always complaining!

When I give you rain thinking you would be amused,you end up catching a cold and complaining about it.When I give things too easily to you,you complain of life being too dull.When I give challenges you complain about the troubles!"

I listened...and was feeling ashamed.But still I was too arrogant to admit that I didn't have anything to complain much till the results come...and was He responsible for a maths paper gone wrong ?

OK,I said,I know I was idiotic to let anything like a maths paper make me scold you...but I just didn't know what to do.

He smiled,more like the teacher who has taught the arrogant kid some patience.
He told me...its all right.Remember me always,and don't grumble!
He turned around and vanished..
I looked up...
and groaned "Oh God ! You broke the ceiling when you entered!!!!!! Arrrrghhh! I hate you!"


  1. Omg! Awesome work Miss . . .
    i knw its been long time, but srsly came across ur blog accidently and found a classic piece of writing. . .btw did God come? :P

  2. and yep one more thing...i loved ur blog template, esp the girl at the top...srsly nice work :)

  3. NOTE:
    GOD!! god god everywhere, as u ppl trust god much; my dearest was also a god slave; she was the one who was always behind god, i wondered how could a person ever be like that,-and at last she died of BRAIN CANCER !!!

    UUUHHHH!! is god there?? may be he cant help out in a maths exam, but cant he help a die hard fan of him-

    he is assumed to be a saviour?? uuh no !!!! killer according to me in this situation

  4. dont be so extreme in ur views dear!

    its often difficult to sustain the faith after a severe setback in life

    unfortunately i hvnt been able to feel that much i dont know if my faith is strong enough not to waver in trying times.

    Its faith in something extra-ordinary,something devoid of human faults that we pray to and we term it as doesn't have any power of its own,but it inspires the power in us to fight,and live and survive and be happy and be human.


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