Monday, July 6, 2009

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"And from now on,you all would be having daily tests!",our class coordinator said,giving us a wide smile.
I stared at her...I just couldn't think of any reason why she was giving that big smile.Here I was,wishing that our college would treat us like college students by NOT conducting those stupid tests which aren't of any use....and there she was,smiling as though she has found treasure.

My head feeling heavy,my steps not so eager,I reached my hostel after the torture (read: classes) and I was so irritated that I had intended to complain to my mother about my college.Well,thats the best thing I do next to crying : Complain.

I got hold of my mobile and gave my mother a Missed Call.{Well,okay,I admit it;I am a kanjoos (Miser)}. The next moment,she called back with that cheery "Hello!".
I said "How are you,Ma? Are you doing some work?"

She replied "Oh not really.Tell me"

Just as I was about to begin my round of complains,my head faced a whirlpool of thoughts....

What am I doing here? I still haven't accepted my life here? Or have I? When will I stop complaining and start living? What great thing did I do that I have to complain about some silly rules,some undigestable food {Exaggerated},some black water in our taps,some lack of holidays,some silly dress code,and some more of the little teeny-weeny things? Have I been sent here forcefully? It was my fault that I screwed up my exams last year (Boards and entrances,I mean),my fault that I didn't do well,my fault that I didn't speak up and say No when I was being sent here...
And what are the BIG problems here anyway? The rules? We'll break them! The food? We'll survive! The lack of holidays? Okay,lets take pride in that....I go home once in every 5 months and live there for only a week...and when my parents come here,its only for a day or two.All right then,ain't I great?

Does every problem have a solution?{Well,I guess except for our politicians!}
Of Course!!!
Each and every lock has a key,and each thing that God does to us is only to strengthen us...blessed are we that we are punished by Him,this means he is taking notice of us!!!(HeeHee)

I'll also show my parents that I am not the Taare Zameen Par case of homesickness...(I mean the initial one.) I am living here too,surviving,cost-cutting,reading novels,Blogging despite such huge assignments,and not to forget my partners in crime! What else do I need Ma,What else?

"Hello?? Anu!!!! If you are not going to reply,I'll disconnect!!!"

I shook myself from the reverie and said "My day was great Ma! You know what? They are going to start daily tests in our college! As if we are really going to clear THOSE!!!"

This post was not really meant for doing some self-praising(Though I nearly got close to that).What I wanted to convey was that despite huge problems,we still survive(We means Human Beings,and not WE only!).Somehow or the other,the next day dawns,the next sunset comes and again the next day comes back.So its upto us whether rise with each sunrise or fall with each sunset.

No offence meant to my college.Just that we all (The Respected Students) are so fed up of the rules that we are sure to bring down the result collectively and without efforts (Unity is Strength).

Some people ask me,why are you so obsessed about Hostel Life?
Well,because like the Public is so obsessed about Sensational News because its New,
Like that I am also obsessed about my hostel life...coz its new...for Me!



  1. You write well, Anuradha. I liked the internal conversations that you had which my grey matter says is necessary. We evolve and grow only this way.
    Keep writing. Do visit my blog.

  2. hey gr8 one again!!!.... i liked the way u expressed ur thoughts there!!!


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