Saturday, July 18, 2009

All my fate!

Now we are going to connect the wires and see the result...yikes! The electricity is gone!

I am telling to a friend"For the past few days the clouds have all been just hovering overhead,but they don't rain...So it won't rain today also"
I suddenly found a tiny drop on my hand....and the next rained Rhinos and Elephants.

Sitting in the class,someone was saying "I hope ma'am doesn't ask us for our observation notebooks,I haven't completed it"
I,being the loudspeaker,said"Relax,today ma'am is absent.Even I haven't completed my observation"
The next moment,the "ma'am" appears out of nowhere and says "All of you,submit your observation notebooks,and those who haven't completed them,will be marked zero!"

One evening in the hostel,I told my roomies,"You go and eat.Today is Wednesday,the food won't be good,I don't feel like eating"
An hour later,they returned and said"You should've come,the food was good today.They changed the menu."

And at all these times(and other such times),I always found somebody giggling at my plight.Yeah,you got it...its The Almighty.

Seriously,nowadays I tell everyone something and add it with "Since I am SAYING it,it won't happen" and to negate THAT statement,whatever I say does happen.:P

Some people say things that actually turn out to be true...but yours' truly never listens to them,and those people give me "I-told-you-so" looks :P.

So all in all,whenever I think this is really going to happen,something unbelievable incident happens that ruins all my plans and I end up asking Him "Why,why only me?Can't you target someone else?"

And all I hear is more giggling.

Well does this happen to you all too? I mean this happens to me ALL the time...Does it happen that whatever you say never really happens??

Awaiting your answers...and if I am right,you all would reply.:P


Please read the poem in my previous post.Arre yaar,it was a moment of Eureka when I got the idea for the poem :P

Enoy your day


  1. It does not really happen every time. It has not really bothered me because I have not really bothered about what people say.

  2. oh
    thats another way of putting it!:)

  3. i have seen in one of the episodes of my childhood favourite cartoon show "duck tails".....

    One of Uncle Scrooge`s relative...
    He was the luckiest guy in the whole world...
    But Magica De Spell (wizard) uses him to steal the No. Uno Coin of Uncle Scrooge.....

    From That day the relative becomes the unluckiest guy in the whole planet..

    In The Climax of the episode Scrooge McDuck uses him and plants him behind Magica De Spell...
    And her luck runs out too....
    She Has to run From the scene....

    The moral is "When you know whatever you say is not going happen, then after saying it better do the opposite, or better say the opposite of whatever you want"..

    You can always make your negative into your positive....
    try and see if it works...
    else contact me...
    i have more ideas....


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