Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sweet Revenge

(1) This post is specifically for one and only one person.That guy would surely comment and reveal his identity....that dumbo!!!!!
(2) Hey Freelancer/Mridu bhaiya/{or whatever other names you've got},don't get me wrong after seeing this post and thinking: arre,aisa kaam toh maine apne blog par kiya tha(kisi ko gaali dene ka,I mean)!!!
(3)This post is subject to anytime deletion.

Yes,I am talking about You.Yeah you,you stupid snake-catcher/killer,you self-proclaimed fast rider,self-proclaimed fearless person,self-proclaimed-in-love person.I am talking about you.Oops,I am talking about the most most most idiotic and vain and brainless creature ever to exist in the whole wide universe!!!

Talking to you has made my head go haywire,my self-confidence commit suicide and my self-esteem has been arrested and sent to jail.All because of you.Thank you very much.

What the hell you think of yourself,huh? You are the only snake-catcher or killer in the whole-wide world ah? When I told you that even my cousin bro n sis catch snakes but don't kill them,your reaction was:Ah,they must be some silly baby-snakes,not venomous...but I catch the venomous snakes.You just wait,I'll have it arranged that you are pushed in a big container having loads of poisonous snakes in it and those snakes won't be much friendly to you.

And you are the ruddy rash driver ah?? I'll show you what rash driving is...or in fact,just show me how you drive in the Chennai traffic and let me see how you survive here.

And oh I forgot.For you everyone else is just a brainless or characterless guy and everything I do is just a joke:
"Who participates in Global Warming Awareness Competitions man?"
"Why are you adding music to your slides?This is not a wedding that you are adding music!"
And when I told you that I had spoken in front of everyone and that I just blabbered and felt ashamed of it...the only reaction I got (instead of saying something like "Its ok" or "Forget about it"): "Once I was given a mic to speak about something and I just stared at it and came of the stage".

And the major thing that caused the provocation
"Hey that tennis sir of yours was no good"
I ask my other readers,how would you feel that the coach or teacher(however he/she is/was) is being talked about in such a manner ? I mean when I was telling about the sir once praising me and me doing well in the game....imagine my feelings after hearing this.

I can gurantee you that the person I am talking about will immediately comment and say "Hey you misunderstood me,main toh bas mazak kar raha tha(I was just jokin)"
Or he would opt for the easy way out "All right,I'll never talk to you again"

As if snapping all contacts would surely make everything fine ah?

I need answers!

Again to all my readers....I don't want you all to think bad of this friend of mine.(Yeah he is still a friend...though whenever I am just about to begin to tell my share of sorrows after he has poured his heart out,something or the other happens resulting in me thinking that this fellow ain't interested in listening to me).

Its called Vidhi.Fate.You always end up getting the wrong person or the wrong things out of the right person when you yourself are searching for someone to share your day's sorrows and happiness.

Well by the way...the purpose of my blog was just to vent out my anger.Coz I can't push the friend off a cliff,or throw him out of airplane,or strangle him with my hands,or make a thousand hungry dogs chase him,or make him consume arsenic...or just anything.So I guess I ought to contended just writing over here about the one person who has made my brain resign from its post and leave my Head Office empty.


P.S:The person whom I am talking about is.....a human being!(I think so....coz earlier he seemed to be human,but now its getting pretty much obvious that the guy is a devil!)


  1. wtf!?!?
    are you toking bout me?? m still clueless bout this post!!! WE HAVE NEVER EVEN TALKED!!!!

    oh y is my name mentioned? and hu told yu my real name???!!!

  2. oh its not bout me...:P
    i hope m right....just surprised to see my name pop out of the blue.
    still crossing fingers!

  3. dhatt
    its not about u
    i just said ki agar aap padhoge toh yeh mat sochna ki aapko bola gaya hai kuch [:P]

  4. thank god!!! aur main toh hamesha padhta hu...its just that mera naam dekhke....really

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. HELLO ITS ME..........
    NO NO ITS ME..........
    OOPS SNAKE KILLER.........
    ITS ME...

  7. huh??? anu yeh tera blog hai??? shit!!! i thot tu koi aur ho!!! shit shit shit

  8. its okay
    btw wats wrong with that?


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