Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Just a thought

For the past one week,the discussions in the Media are hovering around the 1st anniversary of the Mumbai Terror Attacks.Like a flashback of what happened in Mumbai...when we stuck to our television screens.Most news channels showed a ticker on the side which showed number of casualties like some score of a cricket match! How much have we grown from that time till now?

Of course,we have now realised how much vulnerable our very own police force is at the hands of the government...people like Hemant Karkare died at the hands of terrorists,fighting,just because his bullet proof jacket was "faulty".

We now realise how media should behave in times of was noticed that the terrorists were aware of the police force's actions just by watching TV.

We now realise that no place is safe from terror attacks....From railway stations,to grand and famous hotels....terror discriminates no one.

We now realise the seriousness of growing terrorism,growing insecurity,growing inability of the Administration to capture the culprits and pluck out the root cause responsible for such unprecedented attacks.
We also realise that as common people,the only thing we can do (at the least) is raise voices,keep pestering the non-committal government,and to have enough presence of mind if and when we are trapped in a terror-attack situation.

And finally,we also realise that just panel discussions with ministers,lighting candles,rewinding the past events,and complaining to the media about the inability of the Government,insufficient tools for security forces etc etc cannot do much harm to the Rhino-skinned terrorists.

Like always,we,the Indians, have moved on,whenever something big happened.Mumbai was back to business in 3 days after the attacks.Perhaps,in a way,the terrorist-attacks have failed.Failed to completely paralyse one city,or state,or country.But they have indeed been successful in creating a fear.A fear,amongst all,victims or not,of the anything-can-happen-any-moment thinking.
But now, we have taken a stance against terrorism.We won't go back on that.Its time to look forward.

And we,the Indians,will.
Hello everyone! I am back! Exams went on okay types.Just a wee bit shaky here and there.
Am back home now...enjoying the winter! (with an ice-cream!)

Have a nice week ahead.....:)
Take care!


  1. Indeed is the time to look forward...hope all the politicians join hands against terrorism!! wonder missing yu from my comment pages...wishes for yur exam results!

  2. All politicians joining hands is perhaps a dream that'll never come true.But anyway,lets hope they join hands at least in crucial times and not create more problems! :)

    Btw,Thanx a lot for your wishes for my results!! :)

  3. I was in Bombay during the attacks, working in the city. It is one of the most resilient cities in the country but as our company's Country Manager said such resilience is what makes terrorists keep coming back too.

    As for the media, I have a religious cold war against their personnel. No-holds-barred.

  4. "resilience is what makes terrorists keep coming back too"

    In a way...thats true too....

  5. U are correct!! Terrorists know things by seeing TV!! Who has to be blamed??
    Also Corruption makes the things worse!! Huh fed up talking about the stupidity of people and more stupid CORRUPTED politicians!

    Welcome back!

  6. nice to see u back.. Eating Ice cream in Winter is a great pleasure... :)

  7. Unfortunately,whatever we are seeing on the TV is more a race for TRPs than anything else.
    Ideally,the nation should have stood in silence for two minutes.But,when we do not do so even on the death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi,who cares about the common man.
    Have we learnt any lesson post 26/11?
    Has there been any visible change? Yes PC is the new home minister.
    So what?The attitude has not changed.

  8. we never give up on each other. That's what keeps the humanity in us alive

    btw tu ghy mein ho??

  9. @ Shruti
    Yep...the politicians are the guys who are leading our country to hell!

    @An Ordinary Girl and winter is a great combo! :)

    @BK Chowlaji
    Well,perhaps the scene isn't really so dismal...although we are made to believe that absolutely NOTHING can save India now.Perhaps..there may be good times in future.Perhaps.

    No,I am in Panipat(Haryana)

  10. I hate our media to the core they are way too nosy. All they need is TRP. They were killing me yesterday telecasting the same old Mumbai is resilient and angry which is a bit cliched and jaded, i feel. IF those people it is not by choice. Saying we have won against the terrorist is just self satisfaction. Just ten men demolished us, it is a shame on us. Holding candles wont help concrete action is needed.

  11. how much we can wait??
    why should we restraint ourselves??
    i think there were around 500 - 1000 people. and only 9 people were terrorising us. i think its only us to blame. we should have attacked them instead of them attacking us. one police man got hold of one and killed him and one to custody.if one policeman can do it. we can also do it. there are people in news studios making hue and cry about authorities not doing much. look at that girl in j & k she killed one terrorist after snatching his gun. this is called bravery. everybody has that instinct. but we are fearful of our lives our near and dear ones. i think we should take matter to our hands. its about time, we will not get dictated by terrorist. eye for an eye. this is my personal opinion. 100 goats can kill one tiger. terrorist are humans only. all we need is courage.


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