Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Exam time! :P

Yep...its that time of the year (for us) again in which we are reminded that we need to study in college too...apart from having fun..
Yes..the Exam Time.
Unfortunately,when I opened my Maths book yesterday...I realised that whatever formulae I thought I knew were those of the second semester...and right now I am going to give the exams for third semester.

Ha ha ha...so funny...I don't remember attending the classes of ElectroMagnetic Theory (EMT) or Measurements and Instrumentation(MI)...what was I doing then? Hmm...Oh ya! I was writing the record for the labs!Duh!

Well anyway...I wanted to convey my apologies to everyone for not properly commenting on their new posts...but I can't help it.

Anyways..I am logging off now...will return back to my intellectual(?) blabbering after the exams (or even in between the exams :P)

Have a great fortnight ahead! :)

P.S: My Practical Exams were not really that great...Data Structures was bad...forgot the whole program and had to ask ma'am for a change of question :P
Electronic Devices and Circuits wasn't too good...the ma'am helped me to take the readings for UJT...and was cursing under her breath "I don't understand why students like you come to college" :P

Measurements and Instrumentation(MI) lab was good....but Viva was bad....I didn't even explain the difference between Energy and Power :P


  1. Best of Luck Dear

    waise Data Structure hai hi aisa ki zara sa uska khayal na rakho to woh tumse naraz ho jata hai :)

  2. in my first year viva i was sked the relation between gundappa vishwanath and sunil gavaskar.. that also i dint answer..sometimes viva is fun..free

  3. @ Anu
    Your true experience reminded me of my school days, where we used to give our practical exams..As a matter of fact, i used to also screw my practicals everytime and then used to promise myself that next time i shall be more careful but...it never happend...
    Today, i look back and smile to tose silly days of my life..

    Anyway, wish you all the best for your other exams!

    God bless you:)

  4. @Anil Kant
    Thank you for your wishes :)
    Well yeah...Data Structures hai hi ek ajeeb subject...hum ab bhi us subject ke creator ko dhoondh rahe hain :P

    @Yellow Tulip
    Thank you dear! :)

    Nice question! :P

    Thank you so much for your wishes! :)

  5. Hehe if i write about my exams..this place is not enough :P

    all the best for all your exams :) write well :)

  6. If exams where trash my friend i will dump them. Hangover of #tweetlikesidhu Anyways all the best my Sem starts next week too

  7. Anu, all the best!
    EMT is not that bad re.. cos i love that subject still.. So work out on those derivations and problems!
    All the very best sissie

  8. All the best :)
    Waise vive mein jo answers milte hain, mazaa aa jata hai unko sunke :D

  9. All the best :)
    Do well!!!

    Be back to blogging soon....

  10. OOO i remember Measurements & Instrumentation!!.. soooper subjects...all de best..cya


  11. Ditto!
    I am also facing similar problems a college :)
    Exams exams and exams, thats what prevented me from commenting on ur posts since sometime!

    All the best!
    Ill be back here after my exams!


  12. @ Sir

    ...let us together CelebrateLife!
    Celebrate friendship amid in blogger's bonding

    Come back jaldi from exams as my blog is kinda missing you and waiting here with an award for you.

    Kindly, accept and collect this award and Honour me!

  13. your post made me go back to my engineering days.. thanks a lot..

  14. muz be an engg studnt...thanx for the nostalgia..

  15. was going through the rest of your blog..
    you have cool potst


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