Saturday, July 21, 2012

The end of being defensive

In the city of Kamakhya Devi,a girl is molested by a mob while the camera rolls.From the streets of the National Capital,and around it,women are told not to go out alone in the night."Don't work after 8 pm",they say.The big cops are of the opinion that men have organs that lose their control when they see any woman who smiles,talks,doesn't cover her head,smokes,drinks,drives a car,and does anything that is considered normal in any part of the world.

We all read about how the victim is blamed if she gets raped.Oh yes,the man is always innocent.Poor fellow,what can he do if she's standing too close to him in the bus?Or how dare she walk out on the streets without being cautious?Or how dare she have a drink or two?

It's not something that I am repeating from the newspapers about how a rape is reported.It's something ingrained in me too.Girls are taught at home how to try to avoid unwanted attention.
"Don't look at any guy directly when you walk"
"Look stern and strict."
"Beware of your surroundings at all times."
"Don't answer anyone."

Its a pathetic state,really.But then,do you think we can now ingrain and teach the next-gen to behave properly?Why would they do that,when their teachers are caught in such heinous acts?Where would they look for inspiration/role model to be "the perfect gentlemen"?

So,where do we go?The Police?The Law?Who follows the Law? The Law says the names and addresses of the victims should not be released to the media.What would you do when a high ranked minister commits such a mistake?Or the cops who leak such details even though they are supposed to be the upholders of the Law?

What do we do then?

We fight.


Killing someone in self defence is not wrong.And we are defending something very important-our dignity.We are defending our right to NOT to be judged by random person about our character.We are defending our right to not let people enjoy our stories of humiliation.And finally,we are defending our right not to be groped and touched and molested just because we wear certain clothes.

Its time the molesters get to know that they need NOT fear the law,but they should fear the VICTIM.Fighting back,having a pepper spray,put the perfectly shaped nails to use,causing physical injury,and no more being the "Weaker Sex".And the basic need is also quite the toughest one-standing together and help any woman suffering,instead of turning a blind eye and thinking "Thank god its not me".

We attack till the men having the intention to molest,or those who just consider women as a collection of organs meant only for fun,sit up and take notice and start wondering why we are outraged.

We are told to be like Sita,the ideal homely woman.For centuries,we've been told to follow that.With due respect to the lady,who was strong enough to lift Parashuram's bow,lets now try to follow Rani of Jhansi,and let her be our idol for fighting against molestation.

Sometimes,we need to make the right kind of noises.This time,the noise will be theirs.And those noises will be screams for help.

Maybe the readers think I am over-reacting,but then the feeling when a bunch of guys singing at the top of voices to get one's attention,when two guys in a two wheeler can have the courage to comment and tease a pack of 6 girls walking on the road,when a guy stares unblinking,at the inappropriate places,well,the emotions - hatred,vulnerability,fear- are unexplainable.

Have a thoughtful week ahead :)


  1. 'The end of being defensive'has to happen collectively. Individually it has always been there... hope we learn lessons from history and act together to bring in the change.

  2. Definitely its a sad "truth". I do understand how u girls suffer from these perverted guys. But, as u said,u can be bold enough to face the prob. but,certainly it takes time to feel this change in our society. Media should try to promote and create awareness among public,instead of trying to increase their TRP rates.

  3. VERY true...

    ATTACK is the best form of defence.. if one girl can damage the man's goods , then at least that man wont be able to do it to anyone else ..

    SO ATTACK...

    That why i always say , and mean MAKE THAT NOISE.. even the british were shot killed to make sure they left our nation ..



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