Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year! :)

Note: Sorry....I published the post before actually writing anything.:P

So everyone....Wishing you and your family a very  HAPPY NEW YEAR! :)

Well,this new year is special,right? I mean the new year started with an eclipse :P.

Anyways...all we can do is learn from our mistakes,be more good,more friendly,more sweet,more aware,more sober,more patient,reduce patients in hospitals and be healthy :P,more optimistic,more loyal,and more human:)

More importantly,lets also hope that all the above mentioned 'mores' are also followed by others :P

Once again...a Happy New follow your New Year Resolutions if you have any...and if you don't,let the others who have peacefully follow theirs ! :P

Have a happy weekend! :)


  1. hi anu~! its been a while ne..? happy 2010 too~! ^_^ you've got an award for following my blog...:P..go to my bog to claim it.thanks for bring a part of my life in 2009..hope you'll remain in 2020 :D

  2. Happy New Year to u too :)
    how r u dear n where r u now a days?
    exams going on kya?

  3. @ Ayu
    Thank you very much! :)
    Sure...I'll be there till 2020...n beyond if possible :P

    @An Ordinary Girl
    No exams! Just a bit lazy to type out a post! :P
    Am bout you?

  4. Wish you a happy & prosperous 2010 :)
    Keep smiling :)

  5. hahaha... :)

    Thanks for the Golden Words... :P

    Happy New Year.. :) Hope u have more fn... oops.. others others... ;)


  6. about your comment on me,

    I really agree with you..i know what you feel>.<and thanks for the comment:3

  7. "and if you don't,let the others who have peacefully follow theirs ! :P" - that's for blokes like me I guess! :D. New Year wishes to you as well. :)

  8. wish yu a very beautiful and prosperous new year indeeed!

  9. hmmmmm thts not fair....well m also gud :)


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