Tuesday, March 1, 2011

After a month!

Its been a month since I blogged last....phew! What happened in this one month?
>My birthday! (12th Feb)
>I'll be dancing in the Cultural Event at my college (Group Dance),hence bunking classes a lot(for practice)!
>I've become very emotional...missing a friend very much :-(
>Thinking a lot these days;nothing much constructive though.:-P
>Missing talking to God;seems He's also angry with me. :-(

Yeah I know,I had promised I won't whine much this year,that I'll find myself again,that I'll love myself.But its too easier to promise,hard to implement!

" There are some silences which you need to hear,
  some tears which you should see in smiles,
  some calls by friend in distress which you need to understand,
  some tremor you should feel beneath a strong voice."

Okay okay...I'll try to be more cheerful and write more Happy posts! :-)

Have a Happy Week Ahead! :-)


  1. don't understand why so much negativity in ur post.....

    do as you said in the end.... cheer up n write more Happy post, sooner than later....

    Best wishes,

  2. hoping that problems are resolved... :)


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