Friday, January 28, 2011

Lonely again

In a crowd of people,
one feels alone,
Everything is there,
but yet nothing for own,
A smile cheers a little,
A small talk touches the heart,
but the happiness is brittle,
it doesn't last long,
Something is pushing,
The tears onto the eyes,
but really there is no reason to cry,
one knows this feeling,this loneliness,
and that it wont last long,
but still the heart searches in the crowd,
Something thats one's own.


  1. The most terrible poverty is loneliness, and the feeling of being unloved...... very well expressed thoughts by you here !!!
    ”poor sanyiaa”

  2. I 'm not able to post comment

  3. even in your previous post,I had left a long comment. the word verification box was not appearing, even now i left a comment on your box. Please check if something is wrong with your comment box.
    Btw I hope this comment gets published. That's an absolutely lovely poem and I'm sure many may identify the mood of the poem at some point or the other. Lovely thoughts and even lovelier flow of words.

  4. @Irfanuddin
    Thank you :)

    Thank you :)

    I hope the comments don't give your problems next time.I recently re-loaded my blog template...maybe some problem coz of that :(

  5. sad yet lovely :3

    advance happy Chinese new year!(─‿‿─)

  6. First time here... this is very nice ... well expressed...

  7. I have gone through such a state many times. It reflects our being. Beautifully expressed

  8. i like the way ur poem rhymed..

    nice blog..keep on writing..

  9. good one anu :) :)
    "but the happiness is brittle"
    loved tat line the most :)


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