Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Having a daughter....

When I have a daughter,
I'll watch her grow,
from a tiny toddler,
to a bashful woman...

She'll resemble her father,
and I'll be proud of that,
I'll surrender to her,
when we have a spat...

She'll tell her problems to me,
but keep favouring her daddy,
I won't mind at all,
she's my daughter,after all...

She'll grow up more,
and I'll worry for her,
she'll laugh at my worries,
but understand me for sure...

I'll make her study,help her achieve,
She'll work hard too,strengthening my belief,
I'll proudly tell she's my daughter,
Such that those boasting of sons will envy her....

When she'll get married and go away,
I'll miss her terribly,but I wont say,
she'll call me daily,with endless queries,
she'll teach me new things,I'll follow what she says,

I'll be proud when she too has a daughter,
whom I'll doubly favour,
it'll all be over,when I'll die peacefully,
but our bond would always remain unique,and that'll make me happy.


  1. wow....
    your feelings have poured all over the poem.....

  2. :D
    A girl's dream about a girl full of girls ;)

  3. Beautiful lines! Full of hope and longing :)

  4. बहुत सुंदर - यही सोच बनी रहे - शुभकामनाएं


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