Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Loneliness.....and my 50th post!

Loneliness pains sometimes,
Often providing a shield,
Caring,protecting and gentle,
But deep inside,the wounds don't heal.....

Like the sea that stretches endlessly,
Like the uncaring fishes,
floating carelessly beneath its silky surface,
Loneliness never ceases...its the wall between you and others....

Words don't reach you,
Actions don't touch you,
Others don't exist in this lonely land,
There's just loneliness that's with you....

Hope is a distant emotion,
Nothing seems worthwhile,
Its just indifference all around,
Like there's some disconnection from the world...

For some,loneliness gives way to creative madness,
Opening a new world of fantasy,
For others,its like insanity,
With silent screams,wanting to be heard....

The heart grows cold,
Untouched for such a long time,
Mind is numbed,not wanting to be disturbed,
Like its sleeping all the while....

When it does wake,realization of a snapped bond emerges,
A raw cry erupts,slowly building up in intensity,
The desperation feels like someone is tearing apart your nerves,
You want to be heard,but all you hear is the soft giggle of loneliness....
*                                                        *                                                        *
Hey people! Its my 50th post ! Yippeee!
Thank God I finished my 50th post before my blog became a year old :P
Hope I reach more such milestones with the help and support of all my regular readers!(And also those whom I threaten and bully to read my blog :P)

Have a happy week ahead! :)


  1. congrats on your 50th post i crossed mine lately too

  2. Anu,

    Congrats on the 50th. As I have said your posts - especially poetry - reminds me of some of my earlier stuff. Poignant, emotionally sincere and very relevant even if the world considers these things 'passe': I appreciate the verse. "Hope is a distant emotion" - beautiful line but it is there and that's all that counts.

    May your blogging journey and life's travels turn out to be beauteous in every sense. Cheers and take care!

  3. All the best and my best wishes on your 50th.

  4. congrats on your 50th post and your poem rockz!!! the pessimism is present along with the representation of emotions..you really write well!! keep it up!

    P.S. check out my latest post~ :D

  5. this post fits me right now.
    i have experienced this loneliness.
    really pray god that even my enemy should't suffer from that.
    congrats keep rocking.

  6. keep it up........
    Half century.......


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