Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Just a face?

On my way to college,while waiting for the bus,
I see a woman,neatly dressed.always carrying a little purse,
There is nothing striking about her,except her face,
Which is something extraordinary in so many ways....

Her eyes shine with serene kindness,
Her lips set in a stubborn line of firmness,
Her nose so sharp like it detects all flaws,
No wonder,I always stare at her in awe...

Nothing is disturbed about her,
Like perfection cannot be improved further,
Her presence gives a strange assurance,
Everyone I see nearby have only respect for her...

Whenever she doesn't come,my day has lesser cheer,
Like my inspiration has scuttered away somewhere,
I don't know who she is or where she lives,
No words are ever shared,a pleasant smile is all she gives....

*                                          *                                                         *

Sometimes,some unknown faces remain in our memories,although we might not really know about them.Maybe it could've been because of a distant resemblance to someone,their voice,or the way they walked.
While going to school,I used to see one woman who would be on her way for a morning walk.Something about her used to make me stare at her;(she had a prominent face).Gradually,she also started to smile at me,and thus our smile-acquintance began.What happened next?Well,my father got transferred to another place.:P

Although my poem is a piece of imagination,but still,I guess there must be some unknown person whose face you still remember...for any matter.Maybe they helped you in some way,or you both travel in the same bus each day....could be anyone.So is there?Do tell me if you've felt so drawn by an unknown face.:)

Have a nice week ahead! :)


  1. "Her nose so sharp like it detects all flaws," - *applause* :-) The rest of the poem is free and fluent too but this line stands out!

  2. True.It does happen and I feel it has a meaning and not just a coincidence.

  3. yeah.. yeah.. i agree..!!!
    i do the same at some kids..!!
    good work..

  4. i completely agree with you...
    happened many times with me...
    hey the poem was great..
    keep up the good work...

  5. WOW!!! loved the poem! unknown person's face i remember, yeah happened one or two times! Btw, loved the blog!! Thanks for following me!!! Sure will be back! :)



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