Friday, March 26, 2010

Science and Life...?

In my standard 12th in school,I had learned about Carbon and how many functional groups are present because of it (blah blah blah).In that,I read a concept about how the carbon-chain expands.It goes something like this:

Suppose there are two carbon chains(Or Something Like That,OSLT) and they are supposed to be combined(OSLT)...then suppose the carbon chain 1 fits exactly in the lattice of carbon chain 2,then the whole chain now attains stability and its energy gets reduced.(Energy is inversely proportional to stability).
But suppose the Carbon Chain 1 doesn't fit in the manner(OSLT) but fits as in below,then there is an increased instability and more release in energy.

{The red dots indicate Carbons and dotted lines indicate forces of attraction.}

So whats this got to do with our lives...?

Our lives are like these carbon chains.Not always we get people whom we get along with..right? If all the people we meet were our friends,would we ever treasure them? No!

But like in the second case,we get people who hurt us,who decrease our mind's stability(peace) and make our blood pressures shoot up! Such people make us realise the goodness of the nice people,who are so nice to us...and who give us hope that there are good people too! :)

So,this unstability leads us to find more friends,rather be un-energetic and stabilise...if that happens,there'll be no more reactions...or you can say life won't go on! :(

Hmm....I think this much philosophy is enough for you all,for now :P

Cheers! Have a happy weekend! :)

Sorry for the clumsy drawing...but it was like an Eureka moment when I thought of all this and so drew it all in a hurry :P

By the way,you all are free to express your perceptions about this concept :)


  1. Hi Anu;

    I loved this post of yours!
    Yeah such combination of science and philosophy is amazing...and I throughly enjoy every bit of it!

    Come up with such more posts...and yeah the drawing is abolutely fine:)

    Luv yeah!
    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  2. I hope this is not an email forward. Nice one anyway

  3. @Rachanaji
    Thank you very much! :)
    There are so many many such examples from our daily lives that resemble so closely to all the sciences we read! :)
    When I get more such queer ideas,I shall definitely post them! :)

    This is not any forward message! Illa sondha muyarchi (or whatever it is called)

  4. Anu,

    I have pretty much forgotten my Chemistry. I left it to dry from my brain after tenth standard and only the most funamental remnants have braved the storm of the passage of years. lol.
    But you are right about people; I suppose the same analogue can be extended to a lot of things in life. Whenever I speak of winning, I almost always refer to coals and diamonds as well. Although one issues from the other, it is their contrast which helps us appreciate the diamond.

    Good post :) Like this template although a tad too bright I guess but that's ok!

  5. @Srini
    Thanks! :)
    Well even I've forgotten most things about chemistry,but still there are many things in it that subject that are so much related to our lives.

  6. lay out~!! :D

    and the connection between the carbon chains with our life is really amazing~!! :3

    btw...the first award you can have it..i am sharing it to all my dear followers :)

  7. Very true. AS you grow older you find it difficult to find friends who match your frequency. Only when badness exists do we realize the worth of goodness.
    Good correlation.

  8. @Ayu
    Thank you so much dear :)

    @B K Chowla
    Oh thats very sad...but I tried my best to explain it as easily as I could :(

    Thank you :)

  9. mm.. fisrt felt to b a big mokkai.
    but, as usual... u proved ur skill.
    The way of ur thinking is so nice.
    To be short 'nature loves symmetry'.

  10. Hi Anu,
    An interesting post, and a interesting observation. Our school teacher told us one day that all the things in life are somehow related to nature. Chemical bonding is much like friendship. We try to find people who complete us. Nature (science) is inspiration. i would love to hear your other ideas. keep coming with these brilliant ideas.
    awaiting for your next post.
    until then cheers........

  11. OMG! I hate chemistry,
    But Carbon chains are kinda fun! :) ehehhe

  12. @Hari
    Well thank you :P

    As I told Rachanaji,I'll surely post more such thoughts of mine when I come across more of such eureka moments :P

    Yeah...Chemistry is a big mystery! :P


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