Sunday, March 28, 2010

Faith and......patience?

Yesterday,the juniors(3rd year and 2nd year students) gave the farewell party to the Final Year students(in hostel;from 9pm to 3am :P).
Of course,the atmosphere was very emotional,but since everyone had been shouting and screaming and cheering like mad when anyone danced or sang ,our throats were more drier than the deserts of Africa.(and our water-bottles were thirsty too!)

So,yours truly went and stood in front of the water cooler(our source for edible water :P) with a few bottles,not aware that the water cooler had taken leave for the day.(we'd forgotten to fill our water-bottles beforehand,hence this calamity of water-shortage).

Okay,big deal,I'll go and fill the bottles from other floor.
From fourth floor,down we(me and my roomie) went to third floor.Same story.Then to second floor.Yippee! At least this water cooler gave some water drops! But unfortunately the water cooler gave up its life on seeing us advancing towards it.

Now we climbed up and up till 5th floor.
Me: Dear God,if you really exist,prove your existence now! Please make some water available!
No reaction from water cooler.Huh! So much for my prayer.

Now to 6th floor
Me: Dear God, help people in and my roomies need water.Please.At least if not for me,let my roomies fill the water-bottles,I'll drink water from that!
No reaction again.So much for my drama.

Now we were completely exhausted,hence we just somehow reached our room,threw our bottles,and dozed off...still thirsty.

Later in the morning,I overheard one final year and one 3rd year students talking in the lift.
3rd year akka(didi,or elder sister):We were all so thirsty water in the water cooler at night!
Final year akka: Hey you know what? I was trying to wake you up so that you can have some water! The water cooler had started working in a few moments!

I was,as usual,caught in a positon where I didn't know what to think.I could hear someone giggling somewhere.....

Cheers...Hope you all have a happy week ahead! :)


  1. he.. he.. overa ada kudadhu..!! lolz..

  2. Do you live in a hostel?
    What's it like? :)

  3. @Hari
    Very funny

    Yeah I live in a hostel
    And regarding your question...well I guess I'll be able to answer you better when it would be time for me to vacate the hostel...till then its a roller-coaster ride....both emotionally and physically :P

    But don't worry....its surely fun in very first post in this blog would empathize that point!:)

  4. Thought it must be some very 'deeeep' post seeing the title. :D. Nonetheless, a small illustration of a fundamentally big question!!!
    Good good :)

  5. @Srini
    Hehehe....the title is a googly :P
    Well yeah...instead of me just cursing god,if I had waited for sometime.Anyways...God did His job when I called I can't blame him.:P

    Although its a very very small issue...still thats how we go farther and farther from God,thinking He doesn't really listen.But if we analyze,its mostly us who shut our eyes to the light...the tubelight hasn't stopped glowing.(Okay I know thats like mokkai explaination :P)

  6. Asking for water to prove God's existence is too much too too much.

    why didnt you use the lift?

  7. With all due respect to your smile and well-worded comment in reply to mine...

    I should say you wasted a little bit of your energy on a sword non-believer! :D


  8. @Venky
    Lift wasn't working.And yeah it was too much for me to ask God for water,I know....but thats how I keep God reminding that I am here...give me some attention!:P


    Energy hasn't been wasted.
    If instead of replying to your comment I had been studying for my cycle tests(which is going on presently)...then that would have been a time waste (coz however and whatever I study,its of no use :P)

    Anyways,if my point has reached its destination,am happy.If not,then.....I shall try again and make sure it reaches :P

  9. That should convince you the He does exist and listens to HIS people.

  10. i know the feeling of being thirsty to death~!!! waaahh!! TAT! :/

  11. "Bhagwan apne faristoon ko bhejte hain hamari madad ke liye", in your case its your beloved akka.


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