Thursday, March 11, 2010

Its so painful !

Strapped like a prisoner,I sat still on the chair,
Fear tearing my heart into pieces,
My heart beat loud enough for everyone to hear,
But all I could do was pray....

A needle pricked somewhere in my body,
Then there was just numbness,
My vision darkened,my head felt light,
And I slowly drifted into drowsiness....

Someone was standing nearby,
Saying something I didn't understand,
From head to toe,he was dressed in white,
And I felt I had reached heaven....

Blood appeared in my mouth,
All salty and thick,
I felt my end is here,
When again,another needle pricked....

Like a video being rewound,
The darkness gradually eased and my vision cleared,
I turned when suddenly I heard a sound,
"Its okay now! Your bad tooth has been removed.."


P.S: Hi people!
First of all our department(Electrical and Electronics Engineering) won the first place in the Cultural Programs of our college! Yippeeee! :)
Although I didn't contribute much to anything,still,I cheered like mad,till my throat went hoarse! :P

Secondly,I really have never had a tooth removed...but just had a "root canal" done once.:P

Have a happy week ahead! :)


  1. hehehe Anu! :D Was all emotional and dark - until the last line. Good one!

    My 'cheering' goes back to school days. Have not done it for ages; so your post-script gave me a small nostalgia trip.


  2. It made very interesting reading.
    I have got mine removed and it is not easy--it does pain.

  3. @Srini
    Hehehe...hopefully the last line caught you off-guard :P

    Thank you :).
    I have had a root-canaling treatment done,as I mentioned...and it hurt way too much :P

  4. mm.. gr8.. nice description..!!!

  5. Hey, i just came across your blog!
    Nice writings..
    Loved the poem! :)


  6. Okay, i think i've been to your blog before :P

  7. @Hari
    Thank you

    Well,once again welcome to my blog! :)


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