Sunday, May 16, 2010

Back Home! Yippee!


After battling through the exams all these days....finally its holiday time!
For around a month and a half!! :)

The sad thing is that our MBA akka...(the 3rd roomie of mine) would've vacated the hostel and would be living as Paying Guest near our college.She joined us in September,when the new students were asked to adjust with the already existing ones...hence our room,which was originally could accommodate 3 people,got a new entry...and that was our MBA akka (Akka means elder sister,or didi in Hindi).

What did Akka teach us? Well she taught us one important thing-to accept people as they are.She also unknowingly taught us how to share like family instead of being formal.Initially when she joined,she would take our buckets or detergents etc without asking us.Although I found that peculiar,but soon all three of us also started using each other's items without asking-like plates,cups,medicines etc.That doesn't mean we are rude.We do inform when we've taken something :P

And yeah...the Final Year students(for whom we also gave farewell!) were vacating too.Our seniors (Third Year students) were all shedding tears.I asked my roomie- Will our juniors cry when we vacate? Thinking about it,we realised that no junior will shed tears for we don't know any juniors in our hostel! They are very very less in number...and well we are too lazy to climb down two floors just to get to know them! Ego problem,you see :P

Well allright.For now its enjoyment time for me.Yippee!!!

That doesn't mean I'll take leave from blogging.I'll surely pop-up to remind everyone that I am still alive :P

Till then...
Have a Happy Week ahead!


  1. Happy Holidays. :D As for sharing in things, I feel different people have comfort levels. But you're right: as long as inform, most people would not mind.

    Take care, enjoy the time off :)

  2. glad your back!!!! ^_^

    btw go claim your award from me! :D

  3. great..enjoy in home...have a good time :)

  4. I am done with my college :-(


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