Tuesday, March 26, 2013

And I thought men and women were equal

Shahrukh Khan says declares virtuously in a tea ad "From now,the actress name will appear before mine in my upcoming films."

It makes me wonder,how doing that will increase the respect for women anywhere?

Why couldn't the ad instead say "From now,the names of actress and actor will appear together".

Each day on facebook we see posts that portray women as great demi-gods,sacrificing machines,those with unconditional love...everything angelic but not humans.

Why can't we instead focus on being equals,neither great nor worse.After all,there are only two types of human beings- Man and Woman.Yes,there are biological differences,but if there is an equality instead of fight for superiority,much of the conflict would be resolved.

What do you think?

P.S: I guess this is my shortest post ever.

The line between equality and bias is sometimes too bleak to be noticed.What becomes "Equality" for one becomes "Bias" for another.After all,it's not that men are just unemotional,feelingless creatures.They have feelings too.

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  1. short post but very crisp and clear. Agree with you totally. each gender is unique.


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