Sunday, April 14, 2013

Why NO to learning new languages?

Recently,I was looking over the comments section of a forum wherein the discussion was about "How to stop people from using regional language in Meetings?".From just meetings,the discussion drifted to Hindi speaking vs Non-Hindi speaking people.There were people who were giving out statements like "Why should we learn Hindi?".That got me thinking.

What's so bad about learning Hindi? A lot of states speak that language.A lot of languages have words similar to those in Hindi.Don't believe me?

Tu kasa aala?
Tum kaise aaye?/Tu kaise aaya?
How did you come?
That's Marathi.

Tumar Naam Ki?
Tumhara naam kya hai?
What is your name?
That's Assamese.

Tume mo sahita asiba ki?
Tum mere saath aayoge kya?
Will you come with me?
Thats Oriya.

Tussi ki kitta?
Tumne kya kiya?
What did you do?
That's Punjabi

For all those familiar with Hindi would realise that the words are similar and can be derived 
from Hindi,to some extent at least.
Now lets get to Non-Hindi derived languages.

Unga peru enna?
What is your name?
Thats Tamil

Ninte perentaanu?#
What is your name?
Thats Malayalam
#(Sounds familar to Tamil's peru which means Name)

Avashyavaghi* koduthene
Yes of course.
That's Kannada
*(Sounds similar to Hindi's Avashya,which means the same as the meaning mentioned here)

Idhi javaabu**
It is the answer/This is the answer
That's Telugu
**(Sounds similar to Tamil's Idhu which means "this" and Hindi's Jawaab)

So you see,if we learn one North Indian language,and one South Indian language,am sure we'll be able to understand and grasp other languages more easily.After all,in this age of migration and all that,we don't want to lose out on opportunities just because of few sound movements which our tongue favours!We're ready to learn French and Japanese,right? Then why not a language nearer?From our own Country?(I know that sounds a cliched excuse.Oh well,there must be some iota of truth in it maybe ;) )

What else is language anyway? Its just a medium of communication.It won't do anyone harm if we try to learn one or two more.Its not about forcing anyone to learn.Its just being sensible :)

P.S: I am not a language expert,nor I know most of the Indian languages.But these are the very few similarities that I could find between different languages.When the languages themselves have an invisible connection amongst themselves,then what are we fighting about? :)
And also,I just picked out the examples which I thought could best support this post.And am sincerely sorry to any mistakes (I copied from online),and am sorry if anyone's sentiments were hurt (though I wonder why they should be hurt anyway?)

Cheers...Have a Happiiiieeeeeeee Week Ahead ! :)


  1. Nice one :) :) Thank god i know the two languages u mentioned ;) :D :D

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