Sunday, May 26, 2013

Taking care of a place called home!!!

My to-do list these days include:
1.Buy milk
2.Buy vegetables
3.Buy dals
4.Pay bills
5.Empty the dustbin
6.Cook (!!!!)
7.Wash utensils
8.Cook lunch for office
9.Wash clothes
10.Switch off lights before going out

No,I am not married yet (Thank you for your well-intentioned guesses that I seem to have got married).I am living in a rented apartment which somehow transformed me from a carefree girl to a always-thinking-about-what-to-cook home-maker.

Yes,I am now a home-maker without being married.I know loads and loads of girls and woman lead such life,then what is so special about me living like this? Well nothing actually.But still,its kinda different ;)

Now my day starts with the thought for what I'll cook for lunch-actually the thought starts appearing since night,before going to bed and I get dreams about me cooking up exotic dishes for lunch! Then much of the times in office I am asked "So,what did you cook today?",with some well-meaning suggestions and advices thrown in between.In fact,once when I recounted to a colleague of mine how I forgot to add onions to my Sambar and next time forgot about the dal,she(who will be getting married in a few months),got an "insight" into the life of an early-morning-lunch-box-making young girl(and her silence indicated she's a bit apprehensive about her life post marriage :-D)

I now realise how tough it is for my mom (not just mine,but for everyone's moms)to cook and keep the home tidy and handle our tantrums and et all.Sorry mom...I won't ever pester you to make my favourite dishes the next time I am home,I'll eat whatever you cook (which would inevitably be my favourite dishes ;) )

Sometimes this freedom is exhilarating.You can cook your favourite dishes (Am I ranting too much about food??),you can throw around your things anywhere and you'll learn to be independent(Yeah,now I know whom to call when I spot a cockroach or centipede!)

On the downside,you would inevitably feel lonely(because walls have ears,not a mouth),after a hard day at work you'd wish someone would be there at home who'd take care of the dishes lying in the kitchen sink,that the dust and dirt wouldn't dance around beneath your feet,that all you got to do is come home,eat,and sleep,that you don't need to go by yourself each time the groceries reach a danger mark,and that the only other thing that talks in your home is not the TV!


Circumstances(and mostly my adamant opinions and thoughts) have brought me here.Lets see where life takes me from here.Any guesses? (Please don't start about what a wonderful wife I'll be blah blah blah....I have an overdose of that talk!)

If you have any suggestions/recipes for easy cooking(vegetarian, please) do drop in your comments ;)
Cheers! Have a great weekend :)


  1. u havnt stopped.? well dats a nice thing..... hey hav 2 tell u dat i got selected in IIT.. ther is a exam held by IIT's called JAM -2013, for master programmes.... i got qualified in dat... nd m now waiting for d counselling...

  2. Haa its not surprising and its good that you have taken it well. Its tough to work and manage home. Get a maid to do the cleaning and washing stuff at home.

  3. LOL. Cooking can be a pleasure and a pain, depending on when you do it. I love cooking normally, but only when it comes to cooking for groups. Don't like cooking just for myself :)

  4. Wow....
    transformed anu....................:)


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