Sunday, March 3, 2013

Truth is stranger than fiction

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"Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities,Truth isn't".
-Mark Twain

The truth always has this effect on people-it leaves us numb,with a strange sense of resignment,an inexplicable sense of peace,and an inevitable acceptance of destiny.

Our lives,when we look at it from the outside,seems quite good.Family,friends,work,plans,achievements and et all.But when you scratch the surface and look deeper,what we find is a sense of purposelessness.

I am not too religious,rather am more philosophical.And yet,I realise why Krishna's sermon in Mahabharata,which is the Bhagvad Gita, is called the Ultimate Truth-because there is one and only.I don't intend to promote Hinduism,as will be apparent from my other posts in my blog,but I would just tell you what I or anyone who has read a few chapters in the book would feel-its distressing.Seriously.You open a book and read that whatever you've done in your life is a sin,and that your existence is just a speck in this whole big sea called universe,then of course you're bound to feel upset! And this when I've just read a few pages :)

Unfortunately you can't really deny the whole concept at all,there is something convincing about it that you accept whatever is written (well,at least to some extent).

Our whole life is a fiction.The truth of it all comes when we lie on our deathbed,and at that time we can't fool anyone.We'll realise whatever we've done in this world,someone else would've also done it.Its like in a novel you replace a character with another one.Life moves on.People'll forget us,forget our existence.And all that remains constant is the truth of it all that everyone will face at a point of time.

So lets take into consideration whatever I've said and analyse our lives-why are we so restless? Why give so much importance to something that won't remain forever,like our name,job,money,fame etc.?
People kill infant girls because they want a son to take their family name forward.Why?For what?We can be more positive and have a happy,peaceful world,right?

We fail to give a much needed kind word,forgive someone,keep a grudge all our lives.

Let us try to erase the line between the truth and fiction in our lives.No,that doesn't mean I am suggesting we become another monk who solds his/her Ferrari,but we can try to be reduce our illusions.

More compassion,more empathy,more kindness and more patience.Imagine if all of us shed our fictitious identities,realise that deep down,all of us have the same end,then maybe we all can hope for a peaceful world?

Of course,the truth will remain the same,yet when we die,we can think of all the happy times and die peacefully :)

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  1. its an interesting take, thought provoking...but i felt it came to an abrupt end...very well begun and that is why you should have carried it forward, should have taken a more surrounding view and also made further introspection...but nevertheless still a good write :)
    ATB for BAT
    do drop in at:
    - Don't Whine

    1. Thank you for your suggestion :) hope I improve in my next posts :)

  2. Truth is a matter of perceptions while fiction houses in imaginations! both have their quotients of being strange just that as truth it cannot become passe..

    1. Yes absolutely.The truth remains,while fiction fades away :)

  3. very well pondered take. The quote of Mark twain to begin with, fully justifies the post.


  4. ' More compassion,more empathy,more kindness and more patience.Imagine if all of us shed our fictitious identities,realise that deep down,all of us have the same end,then maybe we all can hope for a peaceful world? '

    These lines are profound and speaks volumes about the need of th hour . Very well contrived post :)

  5. Thought provoking.
    And yes, I was unaware of the saying by Mark Twain - thanks for that information.

  6. A very straight Forward take on the subject- i liked the line- let us belive less in Illusions.

    All the very best for BAT-37.

  7. As cool as hit the core points very well...:) :) I have expressed similar thoughts in my post but the way of connecting to the subject is what important. I liked the same lines what Viyoma said...:) :)
    ATB for BAT 37

  8. The lines by Mark Twain made the day.. never heard of it before.. sweet post.. and all the best :)


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