Thursday, February 28, 2013

Women - Burden or Backbone?

Entry for the blog contest :

I still remember a lesson in my Hindi syllabus ,when I in class 7th,which was titled 'Ladki'(Girl).Its the story of how the author comes across a household,where the daughter is ill-treated while the son is pampered endlessly.And all that the girl has to offer in answer for the question as to why she suffers without questioning why,is this line-"Ladki hoon na" (After all,I am a girl)

I wondered about how the girl has been conditioned to think (even though only in fiction) about how worthless she is just by being a girl.They grow up to think that they can't have their own wishes,desires,hopes,dreams because they're not even humans-just burden that has to be passed on from one authority to another.

Are women really a burden? They bind together a family,take care of everyone (blame the motherly hormones for that!) and all they recieve is disrespect? A tag of being a burden?

Its a cliche thats repeated often that women continue to remain daughters,while sons become husbands after marriage.Emotional stability (because women are more comfortable with displaying emotions),being a bread-winner when needed,protective-and yet a burden?

The girl in the story helped her mother,father and her arrogant brother with any and everything.And yet she was never once spoken to with a kind word by her mother.It would have been interesting to see how after growing up,the son would have taken up the responsibility of looking after the parents.

Women are working now,earning as much as their husbands,managing finances at home,managing kids...and yet when some of them look back to see how they were treated,its not respect for all this that they get.Instead,its the jeers about marriage-the expenditure they are causing,how she's lucky to have found a husband despite being educated,how her parents are worried about it all- is that all their life about?

Even though women have scaled heights,there are still families that are crestfallen when the nurse announces its a girl.

Are women a burden? Look at your mother,sister, or anyone who helps you around.You'll know the answer.

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