Saturday, February 16, 2013

The craze for dance

Dance.Like no one is watching,like no one cares how you should be,like they're all in sync to your energy waves,like they connect to you that instant,like you feel you'll die this very moment,feeling your body gradually giving up to something out-of-this-world.

I love dancing.Although if my friends in school hear me telling this,they'd be surprised.I mean,if I love dancing,and consider myself as a "good" dancer,I should've gotten some prizes and all,right? But naah,that is not the case.In fact,I am so mad about dancing that I lose myself completely,in the process making a complete fool of myself in public.

I wonder how can anyone not really want to dance? When the music pumps up,your heart thumps on your chest,in rhythm with the surroundings,some strange happiness and excitement flowing in your blood,reaching out to your hands and legs, and it just overpowers you,letting you free,giving you a strange sense of elation.And that elation,is tiring.Trust me,at each step you shove your hands and move your legs,you'll feel you're throwing some part of you around,and nothing else is on your mind.Just you,your body,the music,and the happiness.Nothing else matters.

Oh well,this is a random musing of my random thoughts.So,lets get to the updates now:
1. Happy New Year 2013 everyone! (Yeah,this is my first post this year :D)
2.Thank you for all the Belated Birthday Wishes you'll post on my comment box (My Birthday was on 12th Feb :D )
3.No other update as of in well and hope you are all in the same well :D

Cheers,have a Happy Weekend ahead! ;)

I'll be back

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