Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Feminism? (Milder version!)

"Hey you should leave the seat right now!" shouted a woman so loudly that everyone nearly jumped for a moment.The lady in question had her eyes fixed on the guy who had managed to grab a seat but unfortunately,the seat was a 'ladies seat' , which is a common site in all city buses in the metros in India. The guy mumbled something like "having fever, please" and really looked ill. The woman shook her head and said more loudly this time "ladies seat pa,yendri" (get up,its the ladies seat).The man looked at the conductor-who had come up seeing the commotion- for some support.But all he got was the conductor throwing up his hands in air to show helplessness and told him to find another seat.The man finally gave up and the woman had finally won the who-grabs-the-ladies-seat contest.

Let me analyse the woman now.

Educated? She's texting away on her Samsung phone. Check.
Working? She's got a Tupperware lunchbag. Check.

No, I am not interested in whether she's married or not by the way, but I do recall she got on the bus from a place which had an IT company right next to it. I can imagine this woman proclaiming she's a feminist and look at men with a "you rapist!" kinda look.Stereotyping, I know. But the thing about stereotypes is that they're unfortunately been true at some point of time.

So,where is the feminism? What is it teaching? That men are lesser beings and women are the sole goddess and nurturer and all those fancy words? That women are strong yet need that special ladies seat in the bus to rest their tired legs?

Duh.Please, give me a break. Let me be clear for once.

Feminism is about equality. Not about female superiority.

Equal pay for equal jobs? Great! Then why no paternity leaves like maternity leaves?
Equal job opportunities? Awesome! Why then there can't be more househusbands?
Equal education? I agree! Then why lesser fees for girls?

Honestly,being a woman myself, I obviously would not go on a war against my own gender. But please! There's nothing special for being either gender (only difference being the X chromosome, which actually makes all the difference!). So, there is no god gifted special power in my hands that would magically turn all dishes tasty, nor is a man the ultimate protector/saviour/whatever of women.

To be more philosophical, its all in the mind.Deal with it!

P.S : The man got another empty seat, the woman in the bus got down in the next stop, and I took that seat ;)

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