Thursday, April 7, 2011

Do we need a Revolution?

The one thing thats resonating lately in the minds of Indians is the stand against corruption.Yes,I have been greatly influenced by it too,as been so many other students of my age group.I do hope the issues for which Anna Hazare is fighting for get full support and the voices for change don't die out soon.

But,on the whole,I feel corruption is not something that we should work on from Top-to-Bottom,rather it works from Bottom-to-Top.From the office peon to the Manager,to the CEO,to the Chairman...corruption has touched everyone.

We speak of revolution now.But it is famously said Public Memory is short-lived always.We see,we make noise,we move on.Thats why the Politicians' don't really care what the people are demanding at what time,because it doesn't really matter-we won't remember it for long.

What really makes a difference is how we change ourselves.If WE pledge to fight corruption in our day-to-day lives,if WE start thinking of India as a country rather than as a group of states,if WE believe we are every bit responsible for our country,if WE build the patriotism in us,then I think half of the problems faced by our country would be solved.

The mindset needs to change,not the Bills or Laws.Maybe its wishful thinking,since our country's corruption level has gone past the point-of-no-return,but at least if we try,we can bring a change thats more long-lasting.

I fully support the India Against Corruption move,but before that I would also like to know which India is being talked about?United or divided? If united,then tell me how is India really united?All five regions of our country are fighting for separate issues!

I can see I am digressing a lot,since there are two issues I am switching back and forth to and not making my point clear.But I do know that yes,inspite of whatever I mentioned about changing one's mindset,we do need a revolution,to drive the point of "need-for-change" into our heads.

Cheers...Have a Happy Week ahead! :)


  1. well... after several times going through this write up i am just not able to understand the motive behind this post... are u talking about corruption....or national integrity...or simply a single nationwide revolution which will resolve all issues of the nation ???

  2. Well,as I had mentioned,there are two three issues that I have described over here,that seem to overlap.

    If we need to take charge against corruption,we need to erase it from grass-root level.

    If we are really going to start a revolution,we require National Integrity.

    All issues cannot be resolved by us in a short time.Anyways,the public isn't too innocent either;it has its own share of misdeeds that have lead to this situation in our country now

  3. I agree with you on this. Would few people sitting and fasting in some place solve corruption?

    Each one must take charge. It must start with each one of US. mon

  4. Nice to see similar thoughts echoed here :)

    Corruption begins at home and we neglect it or stay blind to it for our own convenience.

    Public memory is indeed short if not how would likes of Jayalalitha accuse Karuna family of corruption and seek votes when she herself was guilty of it.

  5. I felt like watching "unnai pol orruvan movie" when i read this. Mainly this one ---"public memory is short lived" reminded me of that film.. very true..


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