Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Emotional Fool

Oh,I know you,always crying your heart out,
wanting to burst,wanting to shout,
but you keep a smile on your face for the sake of others,
thinking this the life you deserve....

How many times have you wiped your tears,
for someone who hasn't been sincere,
or those who have insulted you,trampled you,
yet you still care for them too...

You believe everyone is true,
you wish on falling stars too,
but you never realise,
"friends",so glibly tell lies....

The more you try to be good,
you more you doubt for what you stood,
the people,my dear,are just pushing you around,
like they would a helpless hound...

No matter what people tell you,you still listen to them,
you believe it when they tell you you're their gem,
I hope you realise,this world is so cruel,
and you are nothing but an emotional fool


  1. very true...

    people do play with others emotionally.... and knowingly or otherwise we just believe their words every time.

  2. Bang on!! these lines seemed like a tight slap on my face :)

    There are hopeless souls like me who still hope to be surrounded by true people :)

  3. Excellent flow of feelings and words!!

  4. I hope you realise,this world is so cruel,
    and you are nothing but an emotional fool

    Very true.

  5. Wow.. I thought I was the only Emotional idiot.. It appears that there are many... :-)

    Ps: this is my first visit to your blog.. nice work.. keep it up

  6. Damn..How did u know so much about me???? :) :) :)

    Lovely read....!!

  7. Anu.. is it for our aishu..? or a generalized one..?
    the message u tried to convey is absolutely true.
    no one can deny that..!

  8. A Very Nice One

    You may choose to check this one too..

  9. Awesome! i have written one with the same title.. do check it once..


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