Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A month of exams and goodbyes

April came and went....and with it came the dreaded Semester Exams(which are still going on).But for our seniors,its the end of college life.:(

It was a month of filling slambooks, taking pictures, celebrating a birthday or two,nostalgia about the hostel life,how we all had fun,fights,tears,laughter,advising,watching movies together....it just goes on and on.

I marvel at our Hostel though,how would it react to see a bunch of students vacate at the end of their college life,if it had a voice to speak?Would it cry too?Would it bless them for a bright future?A silly thought...the Hostel building just stands there sternly,even as new students come in,replacing the old.

Okay I am not that emotional....I just feel sad to think how it would all be the next year when we(the 3rd years going to Final year) would say goodbye to our Hostel and Friends....sad indeed!

And the exams aren't doing anything to lift my spirits either....they've been PATHETIC so far.And on top of that there is our recruitment drive next semester.Urrgghhh...do the exams have to be messed up only in this Semester???

Well whatever it is...its my life,and I have to face it...right?So here I am,going on in my life with an uncertain future *Sigh*

Still,that doesn't mean am all sad and gloomy...am still much the same...although I do worry a lot nowadays! :(

Anyways,sparing you from more bore..I'll buzz off for now...enjoying a 15-day holiday between two exams(Yes you read it right...for one exam we've got 15 days leave!).

Cheers....Have a Happy Week Ahead! :)
Keep Smiling!!! :) :) :)

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