Friday, June 3, 2011

"Do" Vs "Don't Do"

Since our childhood,we're told about a lot of stuffs that we shouldn't do,speak,listen,eat,question and so on.But how many of us really follow those?

Its human nature to do the very act which has been prohibited.Really.The "Don't go out in the rain" is far more effective in triggering a reverse response(that is,you would go out in the rain) than "Stay at home".

A negative statement never gives the result."don't walk fast","don't be lazy","don't forget" ,all give a problem,but not the solution.They don't motivate us to do something.Whats the harm in walking fast?What should I be doing?Why shouldn't I forget?.These statements don't come to your mind by themselves....its just that the brain reacts more to positivity than negativity.You like being around a cheerful,encouraging and amiable person or rude,discouraging person?

When you say "I've to get up early" instead of "I must not wake up late"'re sure to wake up early.A "I should be more active" instead of "I shouldn't be lazy" is far more effective.Even for small children,if you notice,they respond better to "put the paper down" in place of "don't tear the paper".Yeah I did try that.:)

So you see,our brain cells or neurons or whatever respond better to positive sentences.When there is a negative sentence,the brain has to perform the act and then negate the result.Don't get it?
Consider when you say "Don't throw the ball" to a small child.He will first have to understand what is "throw the ball",and then he will think and act on "DON'T throw the ball".

If you say "hold the ball",the child will not let go of the ball because its a simple statement.

Of course,for the adults,our brains are fast enough to understand the "don't"....and we sometimes purposely neglect it for our own convenience. ;)

So, DO be careful when you use the DOs and DON'Ts with anybody,including yourself :)

P.S: Found the info in a forwarded mail which I received.:)

Have a Happy Week Ahead :)


  1. Haa right said. The power of positivity :-)

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. its a nice share really...

    thanx for sharing, its really impressive thought and purposeful too.

  3. :) :)

    Hope we DO implement such thinking in our day-to-day life :)

  4. This is what they all the time teach in personality development books.


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