Wednesday, August 31, 2011

God and me....after the break

"Are you there?"
"Well,I am always available in Gtalk,but sometimes invisible in Yahoo",said God,appearing out of nowhere from smoke,with a large grin on his face."How come you remembered me after so many years?".Sigh!God and his exaggeration!

In a low voice,I said,"Well,I was just thinking how You were always there for me whenever I needed you,but then suddenly,there came an invisible gap between us.Felt like talking to You today".

"Wow!! Am so lucky you remembered me....I guess I'll grant everybody's wishes today since its my lucky day!",He said,guffawing loudly.

"Can you please be serious?",I glared at Him till He stopped laughing.

"Okay okay...tell me what is there in your heart then",He smiled His gentle smile :-)

I sighed heavily,and went on,"I missed you so much.I don't know why all these days I didn't call you when I felt alone,didn't believe in you when I should have,didn't think of you as a friend,but instead thought of you as a mere punisher,thought you're there to punish me for every single thought I think,thought you'll trouble me if I do something right,thought you'll avenge if I did something wrong,and above all,thought you hate me."

I looked up,expecting a hurt expression on His face,but all I saw was a big smile,with eyes full of tenderness and care.

"I am sorry.",I said,my eyes brimming up with tears.

"Oh its all right.Better late than never.Well,I don't hate you.I don't hate anybody-because I am supposed to be God.Neither do I keep a track of whatever you do to keep on punishing you.Its your own deeds that decide what you get.I am a mere freelancing being-I am here,there,everywhere! Its just that people don't realize my presence until something bad happens.I am forgotten the moment I help them wriggle out of the problem.*sigh*.Its okay,I don't mind.After all,I am too busy!",He said,grinning.

"So,you're not angry with me then?",I asked,trying hard not to show my relief.

"No",He said,smiling.

"Good.Because I am angry.Just because I didn't call you,that doesn't mean you also don't come to me!I trusted you so much! You're just throwing problems after problems on me! Am I a human being or what?Why didn't you come to see me when I needed you the most? Why don't you help me face the problems?Why do you always target me?Why...",I rambled on and on.

When I paused to catch my breath,God had disappeared,with the smoke pollution still present in the  room.Huh.So much for all that lecture about "I am always there".:-|


  1. hey nice:):):)im also goin to call him:):)

  2. Nice one:):)keep rock(blog)ing:)

  3. nice one machi :) as always ;)

  4. Nice post Anu!! Loved your blog :) Keep posting :)


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